Cincinnati United Contractors (CUC) has gladly used the services of Cincinnati Interiors for well over a decade. Personally I have contracted with Cincinnati Interiors almost exclusively for 14 years. I can assure you the level of service provided is unmatched.


It is rare to find a subcontractor that always performs no matter the circumstances. The “no problem Captain” attitude is both refreshing and very much appreciated. Cincinnati Interiors always finds a way to get the job done on time and for the agreed upon amount. Whether that means working nights, weekends or supplementing man power, it seems a successful plan is always put into action.


Scott Kessler

Project Manager

Cincinnati United Contractors, LLC

I have been in the commercial construction business for over 40 years and I can honestly say my experiences with Cincinnati Interiors LTD and more specifically Phil Banks have been nothing but positive. His favorite answer that I have heard on many occasions is, “No problem, we’ll get it done.” I have never had him fail to fulfill that promise. I would recommend Cincinnati Interiors LTD to anyone considering the use of his company without hesitation.


Daniel Kramer


Kramer & Feldman, Inc.


I would say that I have used your company for approximately 15 years or so and in that time frame never once has your company and Phil not performed to the highest standard. Phil will go out of his way to help on a project in any way he can, always above and beyond. The relationship I have with Cincinnati Interiors is second to none.

Phil Buck

HiFive Development Services